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    At Deville we are always looking to develop our community and meet people who love jewelry. Here's how you can get involved.


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    A DEVILLE FINE JEWELRY AMBASSADOR represents and hosts trunk shows at DEVILLE FINE JEWELRY and at online shopping events. You take control and decide how much time you want to invest in the business. You're the boss. You can set your own hours and work anytime, anywhere. This lets you create a business that fits your life, scaling up or down as you wish. AMBASSADORS have an amazing opportunity available to them; unlimited income potential with classic, investment quality fine jewelry that's certain to be a hit with friends and family.

    Can I be successful?

    The #1 quality that makes women successful with DEVILLE FINE JEWELRY is passion. If you love our fabulous jewelry and want to build a business that works around your life (instead of the other way around), then this could be the perfect business for you! Come as you are! There are no special skills required; all you need to achieve success is the excitement and desire to work with the DEVILLE FINE JEWELRY team to style girlfriends in the award winning DEVILLE FINE JEWELRY salon. It is fun and exciting to help friends and family celebrate the milestones in their lives! It is as simple as enjoying a few hours each month doing Trunk Shows or online shopping events.

    How many hours do I need to work?

    There is no "need to" at DEVILLE FINE JEWELRY - only "want to." You decide how much or little you want to spend on your business based on your schedule and desired income. Some Hosts/Stylists have other jobs and only work 4-6 hours a month, while others may decide to make DEVILLE FINE JEWELRY their full-time business. Some work seasonally, just during the Holidays and others work as their schedule permits each week. We understand that you have other priorities. We are flexible so your life can be, too.


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    How much can I earn?

    That is up to you! Match your efforts to your desired results. Some trunk shows may have a few guests and may result in a few hundred in sales, while larger shows will result in sales in the thousands when lots of your friends attend. DEVILLE AMBASSADORS earn a 10% commission on sales in Diamond CARATS. You can use your DIAMOND CARATS to purchase DEVILLE FINE JEWELRY at 30% off or you can earn CASH. Your choice!

    If you refer other AMBASSADORS you will receive 2% DIAMOND CARATS on their quarterly sales. This opportunity can provide "fun money" or a five to six-figure full-time income. Success is defined only by how much you want to put into it!

    When you host a DEVILLE FINE JEWELRY Trunk show, you will earn DIAMOND CARATS on all purchases at the event and online during a one week period.


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    What if my friends can't make it?

    It is so hard to find the perfect date where everyone can attend. No worries! If friends can't make it, they'll still be able to shop your event online! Typically one half to one third of invited guests make the event. And if they can't make this one, hopefully they will make your next show!

    How can online sales help me earn even more?

    When you join as a DEVILLE AMBASSADOR, drive customers directly to our site using our customizable AMBASSADOR marketing templates. You can also use Facebook and other social sites to showcase new items, post Trunk Show photos, and keep your customers excited about DEVILLE FINE JEWELRY. And, when you're on-the-go, you can still sell by wearing your earned DEVILLE FINE JEWELRY designs and directing your friends to our website! You will give them your online code so that you will get the DIAMOND CARAT credit all year long not just during an online shopping event!

    I live outside of Houston but love your Jewelry and want to introduce DEVILLE FINE JEWELRY to my friends. How can I become a DEVILLE AMBASSADOR?

    You can invite your friends to shop online with DEVILLE FINE JEWELRY and at checkout they can use your online code and you will receive your DIAMOND CARATS! It's that simple! You will want to use social media, and our DEVILLE email templates to introduce them to DEVILLE. Once you have achieved 2000 Diamond Carats you will be eligible for a trunk show in your city!


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    Can I raise money for a charity, school or organization?

    At DEVILLE FINE JEWELRY we believe in giving back to our community. You can host an event and you can designate a charity or organization of your choice! We call this a FUND THE CAUSE SHOPPING EVENT. You can also host an online shopping event, you or DEVILLE FINE JEWELRY can send an email to the members and they can shop online to benefit the group or organization. We have raised lots of funds for schools, charitable groups, museums, Gala's, special needs and causes.


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    Who should host a Trunk Show?

    Everyone! It's a great way to connect with your friends for fun and earn extra money! Our typical DEVILLE AMBASSADOR earns hundreds to thousands from each trunk show!
    We pride ourselves on having something for everyone from classic investment pieces to fashion-forward, sophisticated designs. We even offer styles for little girls and tweens, and mens designs as well

    Is there a cost to hosting a Trunk Show?

    No. Unlike other companies we do not require an upfront investment to become a DEVILLE AMBASSADOR with DEVILLE FINE JEWELRY. You earn DIAMOND CARATS to be used to purchase jewels or earn cash based on the sales at your Trunk Show and online shopping event. If there are any significant costs over our standard costs such as catering, valet parking, overtime security, additional staffing or invitations, DEVILLE FINE JEWELRY will split the costs with you. The cost will be deducted from your DIAMOND CARATS. We will discuss this with you in planning your event.

    It's our thanks to you for sharing the style with your friends!

    How far in advance should I plan my Trunk Show?

    7-14 days in advance is perfect but 3-4 days in advance may work too if it is during our store opening hours. DEVILLE FINE JEWELRY will help you select the perfect date. Any after-hour events will need to be reserved 3 weeks in advance.

    How many guests do I need to have?

    We love Trunk Shows of all sizes, and are grateful for every chance to style your guests. We conduct one-on-one consultations, or trunk shows for groups from 5-10 or larger as well as events of 30-40 people. You can host trunk shows for friends' birthdays, girls' night out, afternoon teas, business get-togethers, couples night out ...

    What should I do about invitations?

    We will help you with every detail of your Trunk Show. We recommend that you email a save the date to your friends, and work with DEVILLE FINE JEWELRY to mail online invitations to your guest list. We have a collection of invites, and reminders to get the word out about your event.

    Can I have food and drink at my party?

    Absolutely! We will supply champagne, wine, and soft drinks along with light appetizers. Nuts, cheese and crackers, cookies or finger sandwiches are popular options. Additional selections are available at an additional cost just let us know what you envision and we can make it happen!

    What should I expect at my Trunk Show?

    You and your friends will have a great time! Trunk Shows typically last about 11/2 to 2 hours and are always casual and fun. There's no pressure. Your friends can swing by and DEVILLE FINE JEWELRY will introduce them to the collection and help them find the perfect pieces for their daily lifestyle, special occasions, and celebrations. Each guest will have the chance to try on all the jewelry they would like as DEVILLE FINE JEWELRY merchandises with open air displays. It is a casual, friendly atmosphere filled with lively conversation in a fun social shopping atmosphere.

    Can I have a Trunk Show somewhere other than my home?

    Yes. While the salon environment is best, Hosts/Stylists can also hold Trunk Shows outside of Houston, in an office conference room, or another offsite location. These offsite locations would require advance planning. Email us at info@devillefinejewelry.com with your ideas!

    Can a friend co-host a Trunk Show with me?

    Sure! Co-hosting is a great way to get a larger group together to attend. And, if you have a larger group, you and your co-host will have more DIAMOND CARATS to split!


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    Who we are:

    DEVILLE FINE JEWELRY is a full-service luxury jewelry business based in Houston Texas.

    Elizabeth Glanville, Founder and CEO of DEVILLE FINE JEWELRY, has more than 25 years of experience in the luxury goods industry serving in executive and management roles with Cartier, Bulgari and Ashford.com. Glanville graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and has an MBA from The University of Houston.

    Dorit Feldman Kamman, General Manager, has over 10 years in the Diamond and Fine Jewelry business.

    Custom jewelry design is our passion. DEVILLE FINE JEWELRY creates custom earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and brooches as well as custom engagement rings, wedding and anniversary bands, redesign of jewelry, men's jewelry and corporate gifts. We are a company created by and designed for women. Our mission is to support other women in the common goal of personal and professional growth. Through our trunk shows the AMBASSADORS bring together a wide range of professionals, community leaders and individuals each sharing a common desire to invest in the economic success of women. We are in it to make a difference, not only in our own lives, but in the lives of others. While we're all about personal accomplishment, the heart of our business is our connection with each other. Business success comes from what you put in, not just take out. So when we genuinely support each other, the business contacts, the success and the confidence grows naturally.

    What kind of jewelry do you carry?

    DEVILLE FINE JEWELRY pieces include 18k gold and platinum designs set with diamonds, precious stones, and semiprecious stones sourced from all over the world.

    Where are your jewels created?

    We design in house and use workshops in Houston, New York, Asia, Europe and India. Your purchase is the ultimate way to shop local while supporting independent AMBASSADORS in your community.

    What is the price range of your items?

    Our pricing is excellent as we sell direct to the customer and not to other retail stores.

    What forms of payment are accepted at Trunk Shows?

    Visa, MC and American Express and Cash will all be accepted!

    When will guests receive their orders?

    Our jewelry is in stock and ready for purchase! If a guest would like to purchase a special order piece DEVILLE FINE JEWELRY will handle all aspects of the process from design concept, price quote, CAD design, to final approval.


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